TJ Higgs – Pyschic Medium

Thursday 24th October 2024

Front Doors: 6.30pm

Auditorium: 7.00pm

Show Starts: 7.30pm

To alleviate large queues we ask that you arrive in good time as there are bag searches in place. Where possible please bring small bags with you.

Standard Ticket £22.00

A transaction fee of £3.50 per booking is charged for online and telephone transactions.

TJ Higgs: Grief is Love Tour 2024

TJ is well known for working alongside the late Colin Fry in many of his live theatre shows including The Three Mediums which was also with the
late Derek Acorah.

Her TV and Stage appearances include Colin Fry Live, and the Psychic
Private Eyes series, as well as her star power in live events.

Her passion is bringing peace of mind and resolution to those grieving for their departed and allowing those in spirit to demonstrate their continued
love and caring.

Those attending theatre events come away with a new perspective and
often exclaim what presence, light, and love surrounded them during their
time with TJ.